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Board of Directors

Jennifer Reinfeld, an ardent lover of nature, founded Children of the Earth United in 1998 to help foster a deeper appreciation and respect for the environment. Jennifer has a wide range of experience in effectively communicating important information. She began her career in the business world as an information technology consultant. Over the years, she worked as a computer animation specialist, taught English in Japan, traveled throughout the world, worked as an outdoor educator and received her masters degree in education. She spent three years working as an elementary school teacher which greatly inspired her to help build a better future for the children of today.  Besides running the daily operations of Children of the Earth United, she is the creator/developer of this web site.

Lisa Shrem, an active hiker and animal lover, has a deep commitment to helping children face challenges. She has nine years of experience working as a special education teacher. Growing up in New York City and working in an inner-city school for six years, Lisa brings with her an invaluable understanding of the urban child; the challenges they face in life and in understanding and appreciating the environment.

Richard Slade played a strong role in developing Children of the Earth United’s founding ideologies. He is committed to helping to make this world a better place. Richard, an enthusiastic lover of the outdoors, has a comprehensive background in the business and wellness industries.

Roberta Reinfeld has been on Children of the Earth United's Board of Advisors since its inception in 1998 and now we are very excited that she has joined our Board of Directors.  Roberta has over 25 years of experience as a manager in the newspaper industry. Roberta brings with her a fountain of creative ideas and a keen understanding of how to best present information - visually and verbally. 


Board of Advisors

In an effort to gain expert counsel and support, Children of the Earth United has developed a volunteer Board of Advisors. Although these individuals have no specific governing authority, these thoughtful citizens will play an integral role in helping this organization meet its objectives. The following is a list of some of these individuals.

Sanjay Das is a technical project manager.  His specialty is converting business problems into technical solutions. Sanjay was born in India and is wonderful at helping people.

Timothy Glynn and Anthony Mercep are the principal partners at Glynn and Mercep, Attorneys at Law. Their law firm represents many non-profit organizations. They are generously offering their counsel and the legal services of their firm at no charge.

Theresa Reynolds is an Elementary School Principal with a strong commitment to the environment. She serves as her district’s Science Committee Chairperson as well as serving on the Board of Directors of a children’s garden organization. Ms. Reynolds offers valuable insight in developing the programs within a school context.

Jennifer Decker is an experienced elementary school teacher with a great love for the outdoors. She offers her extensive knowledge of creative teaching strategies and ways to help make the programs attractive to teachers and kids.

Jennifer Hohenboken is very active in scout programs, the PTA and other children's organizations.  Jennifer is committed to helping make the world a better place for all children.  In addition to her appreciation for nature, Mrs. Hohenboken offers valuable insight into helping Children of the Earth United meet the needs of families and children.





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Children of the Earth United is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization - run by volunteers and entirely supported by donations.  If you would like to support our efforts, please help us out by sending a tax deductible donation to Children of the Earth United ~ P.O. Box 258035 ~ Madison, WI  53725.  
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