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Great Books for Kids, Children, Students, Parents and Teachers about the environment and nature.

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Eyes Wide Open:
Going Behind the Environmental Headlines

by Paul Fleischman

  Great Book for Teens and Young Adults about the Environment

I highly recommend Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines by Paul Fleischman. This outstanding book is filled with very important information that everyone 14 years old and up would greatly benefit from reading.

Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines gives an overview of many of the environmental challenges and empowers the readers to discern the manipulated information that they are bombarded with.

It is imperative that today’s youth be given the tools they need to solve the environmental problems that they are going to inherit. This book is one very important tool for this effort. The book is filled with valuable information and great resources. It is put together in an interesting, engaging format, and is printed on 100% recycled paper.

One of my favorite things about this book is that it helps teens and readers of all ages gain an understanding about vested interests. It is incredibly important that people learn to use discernment in deciphering the headlines and information being disseminated to sell ideas and products.

Money talks. Right now too many corrupt people use their money to send out misinformation and shape our laws. It is time we look at who is behind the messages that we believe. It’s time for young adults and everyone who wants to make the world a better place – to make OUR money talk.

We can make a big difference in the world by supporting the businesses that take care of the Earth and people.

A major problem with our consuming economy is that the purchase price of products does not take into account the cost to the environment and our society. Currently, the taxpayers and residents pay the price of the polluters and the poverty wage employers.

Choosing products made by a company that does not pollute the earth, waste our natural resources, and that pays their employees at least a living wage is an important step in creating a sustainable world.

When teens choose (and help their families choose) products that are best for the environment and society, they have the power to motivate great change.

It is exciting to read a book geared towards high school students that explores these important topics. I hope Paul Fleischman continue to write books on the environment to help empower young people to create a better world. Paul is a wonderful writer with a great matter-of-fact style that helps the reader understand important issues without becoming overwhelmed.

Paul Fleischman has created a web site for updates as well as info on classrooms that are reporting their local environmental scenes at: www.EyesWideOpenUpdates.com.

Ages 14 and up

Curriculum Components:
Environmental Issues
Making the World a Better Place
Vested Interests

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Teachers Guide: candlewick.com/book_files/0763671029.btg.1.pdf


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