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List of Web Site Topic Ideas
(a) = Authored by adults   (k) = Authored by kids




- Letters to the earth (k)
- Dreams for the future (k)
- Earth related stories (k & a)
- See specific topics (k & a)


- Pictures and photographs for gallery with different themes,
  possibly to be used in various parts of website (k)
- Eco-craft project ideas (with pictures of finished products) (k & a)


- Different earth related songs (if possible with audio) (k & a)


- Games to make from natural objects (k & a)
- Activities to help children appreciate nature (k & a)
- Nature games and puzzles to play/solve on computer (k & a)


- Natural and environmental book recommendations/reviews (k & a)

Environmental Issues 

- Information for kids to learn about different environmental issues  (pollution, scarcity of natural resources, global warming, etc.) (k & a)
- Local, regional and global environmental issues (k & a)


- Reviews of different projects that kids are doing or can do to help understand and/or clean up the earth (k & a)
- Bird boxes, clean ups, recycling programs, etc. (with pictures) (k & a)
- Participation in environmental data gathering projects  (k & a)

Earth Friendly Products

- Information on what environmentally friendly products are (recycled materials, minimum packaging, etc) (a)
- Earth friendly product recommendations by children and adults (k & a)


- Specific information on different biomes and habitats, including
  photographs (k & a)


- Information on sustainable living (a)
- Different permaculture projects (composting, etc.) (a)



- Facts (a)
- Native stories ( a)
- Lessons taught by different animals (k & a)

Endangered Animals

- Facts ( a)
- Projects to get involved in to help endangered animals (k & a)


- Plant/tree identification and specific information (a)
- Care (a)
- Garden ideas ( a)
- Tree planting programs ( a)

Indigenous Cultures

- Information about different indigenous cultures (k & a)
- Earth honoring practices of different indigenous cultures (k & a)
- Letters from children around the world to each other about their lives, concerns and dreams (k)

Other Cultures

- Information on different cultures, beliefs, and issues faced (k & a)
- Letters from children around the world to each other about their lives,concerns and dreams (k)


- Articles on different environment related careers written adults giving details about their jobs (i.e. geologist, forest ranger, naturalist, marine biologist, etc.) (a)


- Information on different environmental organizations and charities (a)

Recommended Websites

- Addresses and reviews of different children and earth friendly sites (k & a)


- Information on earth-friendly children’s programs (a)


* (a) = Authored by adults (k) = Authored by Kids


Information for

Information for




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Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be a part of healing the planet. Help us spread the word. Please give this information to as many people as possible who will be in a position to contribute written and/or artistic pieces to this exciting project.

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Web site topic ideas for children, students and adults to submit / publish articles,
writing pieces, poems, stores, and artwork that are related to nature, the environment,
the Earth, climate change, global warming, pollution and other important environmental issues.



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